Glass by Wood (Televarry Glass) is a family glass studio based in Denver, Colorado. We have a passion for creating and glass is our absolute favorite medium. 

Viscous and white-hot in the flame, glass has been formed into endless shapes and colors since humans began glassmaking more than five-thousand years ago.

Artistic glass carries the memory of its liquid state and remains full of energy long after the molten edges have hardened and cooled. Thats why we love glass - hope you enjoy!


Amy Wood 

After years of admiring glass art from afar, I decided to take lessons and classes.  I became entranced by the colors, forms and textures, as well as by the unpredictability of glass. Being able to focus on one project at a time is crucial - becoming absorbed in the possibilities can make all the difference.

The different ways of working with glass is of great interest to me as well. Cold glass, hot glass, painting on glass – so many choices.  Left on its own, my mind always finds its way to wondering about fused glass: designs, techniques, kiln schedules…. 

Joe Wood

I began working with glass in 2010 while in college. Working with a torch, flame, and adding details to molten glass is all-absorbing for me. Some pieces can take hours to complete and while they anneal in the kiln I can't wait to find out how they'll look. It’s always fun and surprising. In addition to classes in Denver and Evergreen, I have spent time learning flameworking techniques from Davide Penso and Kristina Logan in Murano, Italy.